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Some like it small

Hands-on? More like, in hands. Imagine a universe where your entire pedalboard could fit snugly in the palm of your hand — a musical miniaturization

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The Guitar Desk Utility

In today’s digital age, where home studios and personal workspaces are becoming increasingly common, the need for efficient and ergonomic equipment is paramount. Enter the

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Mini guitar amps again

Bring the rock ‘n’ roll vibe to your desk or nightstand with our miniature working replicas of iconic guitar amplifiers. Perfect for music enthusiasts, these

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Eurorack Stress Toys

Relieve stress with a musical touch! Our squeezable, eco-friendly stress toys, shaped like common Eurorack devices such as VCOs and LFOs, offer a tactile and

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Bleep Bloop Coffee Time

Merge your love for music and caffeine with our groundbreaking Eurorack Coffee-Maker Module! Seamlessly integrated into your Eurorack setup, this module not only enhances your

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