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Some like it small

PROJECT: Ultra Small Guitar Pedal
STATUS: Working Prototype
WHY: Because it's not new at all, just a new approach

Hands-on? More like, in hands. Imagine a universe where your entire pedalboard could fit snugly in the palm of your hand — a musical miniaturization that opens up a world of possibilities for musicians.

These potential pint-sized powerhouses not only save precious space for gigging guitarists grappling with cumbersome stage setups but also provide a unique avenue for sonic experimentation.

The circuits are not new; they’ve been around for decades, but in this pint-size package, we can fall in love with them all over again.

From the bedroom to the stage, these ultra-small wonders cater to the needs of players seeking portability without sacrificing sonic diversity.

Embracing the philosophy that great things come in small packages.

We need wee pedals.

Picture of Charles Etienne

Charles Etienne

Charles is the co-founder and design guy at Olinthus.