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Acoustic Drum Machine!

In a fusion of innovation and passion, we’ve crafted a DIY acoustic drum machine that dances to its own beat. At its heart lies an Arduino, which breathes life into the solenoids that tap out rhythms on a humble tin can drum.

Its structural integrity relies not just on screws and superglue, but also on a dash of hope. What sets it apart? This quirky instrument can interface with MIDI, ensuring a unique auditory journey.

Curious about a more polished, professional counterpart? Look no further than the Polyend Perc, a sophisticated solenoid device.

But if you’re feeling crafty, and want a hands-on project, go for it! For a detailed guide and inspiration, delve into this overview on Adafruit.

And in case you are looking for that software mentioned in the video, here is the link:


Picture of Charles Etienne

Charles Etienne

Charles is the co-founder and design guy at Olinthus.