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Unveiling the Mysteries of Effects Pedal Power Supplies: A Sonic Analysis!

Let’s explore the world of effects pedal power supplies and discover their impact on audio quality! We start off by explaining essential audio terminology like frequency, amplitude, and noise. We’ll explore the world of power supplies, and learn the difference between Linear and Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). Then we’ll noise test a range of power supplies commonly used for guitar effects pedals, including several inexpensive supplies, a professional-grade option, and even a USB-C charger. Through this testing process, we gain insights into the noise characteristics of different power supplies and discover which ones are most suitable for our audio setups. You can even try out this testing process at home, come join us to learn how to do it!

Picture of Ethan Tufts

Ethan Tufts

Ethan is the co-founder and marketing guy at Olinthus.